Miguel Antonio Otero Fuentes is an architect and sculptor born in the summer of 1986 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2011, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Environmental Design from the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico. In 2014, he acquired a Masters Degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Architecture. At Georgia Tech, he was awarded the T.Gordon Little Fellowship and was the recipient of the 2013 Portman Prize of Architecture.

Otero Fuentes currently works as a façade designer on a number of local and international projects and is continuously creating and developing his artform in his Brooklyn studio. His work is strongly influenced by and conceptually based in architecture. Through his art, he creates concepts that experiment with material, dimension, number, light, space, and form.



There is portal drawn in the center of my studio floor. Its shape is a squared circle. It is believed that this shape represents the union between Heaven and Earth.

All my sculptures are made in the portal’s center. They are poured during the first light of the day because it is the purest time I have been able to find.

It is Concrete’s nature to cross the states of matter. At first, it is fine dust that floats in the air. When water is added, it becomes fluid. At the end, it cures and hardens into a solid. Concrete’s capacity to travel across physical states is what I use to cross-over objects that exist in spaces that are yet to have a form into our present collective space.

I find inspiration all around us and all the time. Most ideas are found in my day-dreams. It is in this trance-like state that the world around  becomes a familiar but different place. All of the sudden, I find myself in conversation with the universe. All that surrounds me becomes alive. Everything around has a voice that can be heard with all of my senses. I become aware of every shape, texture, reflection, shadow, sound, breeze, cloud, leaf, person, moment, speed, distance, and absolutely every detail that makes something exist. In that moment I feel part of everything. That moment is the place from where I bring my art.